Not so easy shooting Jasmine


I spent some time shooting a Jasmine bush today and I found it tricky taking decent shots. My style seems to be pretty focused when it comes to flowers and Jasmine bushes are really busy plants to shoot.

I think I captured a couple good ones, at least photos I like. I’ll see how they come out when I process them.

A very common Markdown spat

Code definition

I came across Hilton Lipshitz’s post titled “Standard Markdown” in my feeds that interested me. As you probably know, I use MultiMarkdown routinely and it has changed how I work. MultiMarkdown, of course, owes its origins to John Gruber’s original Markdown project and expands on the original syntax. I followed the link to the Standard Markdown link in […]

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“I wear a Magen David because I am not too small to fight”

Stuff that appeals to me today-6

The last few weeks have been challenging times for Jews worldwide, particularly here in South Africa where we have been spared the growing anti-Semitism that has gripped much of Europe and other parts of the world. The Israeli campaign in Gaza has inspired tremendous opposition to Israel and its ongoing fight to protect its citizens […]

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Google Drive for Work’s fundamental insecurity


Google Drive for Work is pitched at enterprises and is an appealing collaboration and file sharing option. Unfortunately it has a fundamental flaw: once you take a document outside the Google Drive service itself, any access limitations you imposed on your documents are lost and your documents are completely unprotected. When you create a document […]

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