“I wear a Magen David because I am not too small to fight”

Stuff that appeals to me today-6

The last few weeks have been challenging times for Jews worldwide, particularly here in South Africa where we have been spared the growing anti-Semitism that has gripped much of Europe and other parts of the world. The Israeli campaign in Gaza has inspired tremendous opposition to Israel and its ongoing fight to protect its citizens […]

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Google Drive for Work’s fundamental insecurity


Google Drive for Work is pitched at enterprises and is an appealing collaboration and file sharing option. Unfortunately it has a fundamental flaw: once you take a document outside the Google Drive service itself, any access limitations you imposed on your documents are lost and your documents are completely unprotected. When you create a document […]

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Is reorganising WordPress categories and posts a recipe for disaster?

Train derailment releases toxic chemicals - Lake City Florida

I have far too many categories for this blog and I want to consolidate a number of them, remove others. I started doing this a while ago and wound up changing the publication dates for a number of old posts which started appearing as most recent posts. It was a mess.

Is there a way to safely consolidate categories, delete unused ones and not make a complete mess of the site?